Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Let the Registration Begin

You can now Register for the 5K Here. Just click on "Register Now" and pay your $15 or more if you plan to run more than one 5K (Oh you know the ultra runner in me just had to encourage more mileage and in this case more mileage = more money for JDRF and more raffle entries for you). 

Race Details:
Register here.  (Same link as above just put it in again for good measure)
Race Date: Any time during the weekend of April28/29th
Race Location: Anywhere you want to run 3.1miles (5K), once you have run your miles report back that you have completed the race and you are entered in the raffle for some awesome prizes.
Cost: To Register you need to pay $15 for each person running.  This year you can also pay $5 additional dollars for each additional 5K you would like to run so if you want to run a marathon that weekend (Just under 45K) then you pay $15 for the first 5k and $40 for the remaining 5K's for a total of $45 and 9 entries into the raffle.  You have all weekend to rack up the miles so I think you should definately go for more than one 5K.
Raffle:  There are some awesome prizes. Here is how the raffle is going to work.  The person who runs there furthest (which means they paid the most to register) gets to straight up pick their prize out of the raffle items.  After that person has picked their prize the person who gets the most people to register (you will need to let me know who is in your crew) gets to straight up pick their prize. And after that let the raffling begin.  I will raffle off all of the donated items after that.  Again you can earn extra entries into the raffle by running more miles. 

Registrants:  Current List of Registrants and Distances

Let's make this year even better than last.  I set our goal at $10K which is insanely high but hey "shoot for the moon if you miss you will land amoung the stars." 

Raffle Items So Far:
24 Pairs of Drymax socks
4 Headsweat hats (one is absolutely so awesome I want to steel it)
4 Tallygear Belts
2 Running Necklaces by CreativeInputbyLiz
15 Gift Cards from RoadID
1 Sports Package from Todd and More Sporting Goods
Knitted Items by Cindy Roerig
Knitted Ear Warmer for runners by Kaci Nash
1 Headband by Sweatbands
1 Race Quilt by DaDiva (You send her your race shirts and she will turn them into a quilt, this is a Ginormous donation, it would cost $200-$400 to get one of these made)
1 Custom Made Frame by Hope Epton
1 Knitted Baby Hat by Leia Van Booven Ritt
1 Piece of Pottery by award winning Potter Lorraine Bracher

WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  Happy Running and lets get some money for JDRF so those smart dudes/dudettes can figure this stupid disease out.


alesha said...

I am going to register and I am trying to get my mommies running group involved as well:)

Nikki said...

Hi Tara! I am not sure if I need to let you know that I signed up for the 5k or not.. Well, now you know... Hope all is well. xo