Sunday, September 4, 2011


Power!!!!! Yippeeeee...oh how I heart power.  I didn't realize just how much I love running water until it was gone.  Irene that B*!ch took out our power and that in turn took out our water so, since last Sunday we have been without power and water.  Not to worry folks, if you think not being able to shower would make me think twice about going for a run you are sorely mistaken.  My awesome buddy Bethany once was quoted in the New York Times that baby wipes are the perfect shower for a mama on the go (I paraphrase) and well she was correct.  I actually didn't mind me stinking (neighbors might have) so much as I just missed running water.  We had to haul lake water up to the house a few times a day to keep our toilets flushing, for drinking water we had to drive to town and fill up our containers with a hose.  It was kind of fun but, well it got old. 

On Thursday I decided to take Chloe up to my sisters house so we could just enjoy a normal living for a few days.  Last night one of my neighbors reported power was back on and then Doug texted at like 2am (when he got home, he was flying) that sure enough our house has power, wahooooooo!!!!!!

Back to running, yesterday I went for a quick run up here in VT.  I only had an hour so I had to make the most of it and I decided to jam out a 7 mile loop I had mapped out in a past visit (didn't bring Garmin, she was dead from no power and well my 405 is a piece of crap, it is NEVER accurate anymore).  Back to the 7 mile loop.  I went out hard, knowing my legs have been sluggish all week but were starting to feel like my old legs.  Holy cow I was cranking, I felt like my old self, like the runner that existed in June prior to over training and then running a 100 mile race, that runner.  I was flying and it felt awesome.  I got the loop done in 50 minutes and was darn pleased with myself. 

I don't know what to expect for this upcoming 24hr race, don't even know what to do training/taper wise but I am going for it.  I just love pushing myself. 

Happy Running All!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great run. The best news is power is on. Safe travels. XOXO Mom

Unknown said...

So much fun having you guys. AND...wohooooooooooo on the power. xo said...

You, my friend, are a beast!!!!! So glad you have power!