Thursday, September 8, 2011


I have mentioned in past posts that I have another ultra coming up.  It is the North Coast 24 hr race in Cleveland.  When I signed up I did it thinking I would already be trained up from Headlands and it would be awesome to see some of the big names in ultra running even if it was as they lapped me repeatedly.  I still think it will be awesome to see the big names in ultra running but, I question the training part of my plan.  I came off of Headlands barely being able to walk and with bruised feet, it took over a week for me to be able to run normal.  Since that race I haven't had a week over 36 miles.  I didn't know whether to taper, to rest and heal, or to train.  So here I am a week out from the race and wondering to myself what exactly are my goals.  What can I expect from my legs and feet at this point in the game and how frick'in boring is it going to be to run a .9 mile (oh yes I said .9 and it is FLAT, ughhhh,  my quads are secretly happy) loop over and over and over and over ....again.  Are there even enough pod casts recorded to make that .9 mile loop enjoyable tolerable? Oh man!

Here is what it comes down to: I am probably in slightly worse shape than I was going into Headlands but I have slightly more confidence.  24hrs is a ridiculous amount of time to run for and the .9 mile loop is just off the charts nut-so.  I am slightly nuts so that might be a good fit.   I have an awesome running mom (Thank you so much Denise Carter) and maybe two meeting me there to help me out.  So what should my goals be???? I would love love love to break 100 miles and know that I can but, I also don't want to set my goals too high.  I honestly have no idea if my left foot and hip are willing to go the distance with me and I am terrified, yes I used the T word, of the wee hrs of the morning when I seem to have issues with bonking.  Gosh Darn, I bonked so hard at Headlands I can still feel how bad it hurt deep in my core to have to stay awake but, then I didn't bonk at Heartland but, then I did at Lone Ranger and at Rocky.  Oh man, I really hope the bonk doesn't come and kick my butt it is way worse than the pain in your legs and feet.  The bonk is a mean old bugger, it kicks you in the A$$ and then makes you question yourself and your abilities.  I HATE the bonk.  Oh yes, sorry, back to expectations and goals, if all goes well, meaning my foot and hip hold out I want to hit 110 (yep I put it in writing) if all doesn't go well then I hope I run a smart race.

Happy Running All!   I am off to get a run in (still not sure if I am tapering or training).

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Scully said...

This scares me!
But you are one tough chick and a wee bit crazy! 0.9mi loop? what?! over and over and over.....
Dude... crazy!! podcasts will be your survival me thinks! don't get too dizzy and run smart!