Thursday, March 24, 2011

I NEED a race!

Ok, where to begin...we moved this winter.  That move has really messed up my running time.  There has a been a ton of work to get done on the house and there still is a ton of work to do on the house and Chloe's school schedule is different.  I have just had a tough time getting into a training groove.  Last week I was able to grab 60 miles and this week I just haven't felt like it or found the time.  I know you can always find time for a run and trust me I could have. 

Here is my delima: If I sign up for a race I have a goal and will therefore not just take a week off here and there but, if I sign up for a race I will have a goal and that will meen a training plan and a highly irritated Tara if she can't fit her runs in.  So do I sign up for a race and get going on a goal or do I just run when I feel like it and toss this running season out?  There are some great races around here.  Maybe I should just go for it, if I can run 60 mile weeks then surely I could bust out a 50 mile race.   Last week I felt like me again with all the running but this week my house feels more like home because of all the painting.  What to do what to do?????

Here is another component to this question: I need to run a 50 miler under 10hrs (I think) or complete a 100 miler to enter the WS100 lottery again this year.  This year I would get two entries because last year I didn't get in.  For those of you who don't know the WS100 is like the Boston Marathon of ultras in the US.  So, one day I would really like to do it.  The year I get in I plan to make a play for the Grand Slam of ultras, which is 4 of the best 100 milers in the US back to back to back to back all summer long.  So maybe I should bust out a couple of 50 milers to get my ticket punched for the lottery. 

I know this isn't really a delima in the grand scheme of things but I probably should figure it out soon.  Ok I really think I need to race.  I haven't run a race since December and even that wasn't my race.  I haven't really run a race since November, Oh MAN....what did I just type?  Has it really been that long?  Ok that is it I am signing up for something.  No frick'in wonder I am lost and confused, I clearly need to race.  Will post later what race I find and sign up for. 

Happy Running All!

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Unknown said...

WOW, that is a long time for you to go. I hope your ankle isn't too messed up. xoxo