Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm Still Alive

I know what you are thinking?  What the heck happened to Tara?  Over a month and no post...Well you see we up and moved from Texas to Conneticut.  Now that is one heck of a move and whats more is the house we bought needed/needs a ton of work.  Doug and I are pretty dang handy so, we can do a ton of it ourselves but, it is eating up my time.  However....LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION!  Enough said. This house ROCKS!!! We live right on a lake.  We spent last week playing on the ice and I imagine we will spend the summer swimming in the lake.  I haven't got a ton of running in but I have had some serious speed work.  In the above picture you can see me pulling my neice Bridget and Chloe.  I would run as hard as I could and ramp them over little mounds of snow we made.  Then Joe (my nephew seen skating by me in this picture) would jump on the pile and I would pull all three.  My legs were screaming after two days of giving rides but, I figure it had to be a good workout.  Oh and the squeals of delight made my day. 

I have gotten out for a few runs and I love the neighborhood.  The roads are pretty narrow so not ideal for running but, the neighbors tend to drive slow so at least no one should mow me down. I have tried to run the trails a few times but, dang the ice storms really messed up the snow around here.  It is so icy that it takes off skin when you run into it so, I need to figure out how other runners do this winter snow running when the snow is iced over on top.  I haven't seen anyone running the trails so I am guessing they are just too messed up right now to run but, if any of you have ideas let me know.  I am new to this snow trail running. 

So just a quick post to let you know I am still here.  I am running again but, only short distances for now.  No idea what races I will do this year.  There is so much to do it is hard to sort it all out at the moment. 

We do have a guest room all set up.  We have already had two sets of guests.  So if you are in the neighborhood please let us know and stop by. 


Jessie said...

When my husband and I daydream about selling our house and moving we always talk about how our future house has to be runner friendly. Living on a lake would be awesome. I grew up on Lake MI and I miss it so much!

Unknown said...

LOVE your new place AND the location. I have a feeling there will be many, many happy memories made there. Thanks for pulling my kids around. You are the "bad ass" of the family fo' sho'.


Seth said...

Three words, hot shot. Cross Country Skis. Or is that two words? I'm so winded just thinking about it. Anyway that's how we did it in winter when I was the Connecticut Yankee.

Marny said...

Glad you love the new place and you're having fun!! You could make some screw shoes out of an old pair (I know you have an arsenal to choose from). But I have to say I think all the icy running (scooting, sliding, tip-toeing) I've been doing has caused extensor tendonitis in my right foot. At least Dr. Google told me that is probably the cause of my top-of-the-foot pain. I would avoid the trails until they clear up since you're already having issues with injury. Keep having fun out there!

AbigailRuns said...

So happy you love your new place! Have tons of fun!