Monday, April 26, 2010

Bye Bye

First a letter to a dear dear friend (my watch named Garmin):

Dear Garmin,
Thank you for all of your hardwork. For putting up with my ridiculous training. For traveling with me to really cold places like Vermont, where you got snowed on. For running with me in really hot places like Texas where you got drenched in sweat. Thank you for sticking by me.

I am sorry, I had no idea you had an interrupt in your bezel. If I had known I would not have cursed you. I wouldn't have locked your bezel or made you sit on top of a nasty sweaty arm band run after run. If I had only known you were broken I would have sent you to a nice place where they would have fixed you. Thank you for sticking by me, broken and all, you were an amazing watch and I will miss you.

P.S. Please interview your friends and find me a good replacement quickly.

On another note:

So, as most of you know we have put our house on the market. Part of having people roam your house involves making it looked "less lived in." So Doug told me on Friday that I needed to take down my medals. Two years ago exactly, I ran my first race post Chloe. I ran a local 5K with Chloe and sang almost the entire way to keep her happy. Together we won my age group. Then I found a group of Running Moms and that got me into all sorts of trouble :). They encouraged me to really go after my dreams. And so in the pictures above you see Chloe with all of my medals for the past two years. Most of them are finishers medals for marathons. It has been a great two years. I have really made some great leaps in my running and I give most of the credit to the support of my family and my group of Running Mamas. Thank you. I truly appreciate both groups for pushing me to be a better me even when that means we are all stepping out on a limb together. I am a lucky lucky girl.
Side note: Doug said he would make something cool to hold my medals in our new house, he said he can make something that holds the medals, the plaques and the belt buckles, woooo hooo. Love that Guy. Go Doug Go. Now I have to get more belt buckles :). I wouldn't want them to feel out numbered by the medals :).


Unknown said... are now writing letters to inanimate objects...hmmm?! Should we be worried? Hopefully Garmin's replacement will be arriving at your house soon.

Amazing what you have accomplished in such a short time. Hard to imagine that your first race was a 5K. Look at you now!

jill said...

that picture of chloe is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Great job. XOXO

tara said...

Reyna, You are just wondering if you should be worried now? Thought the 100 mile race would have solidified that? Ok I will have to go to further extremes, ha ha. Love you.