Friday, February 19, 2010


After my last post I finally did the smart thing and looked up the foot injury and it turns out it is most likely a Fallen Arch which is a strained muscle in the top of the arch. You know what? You can just tape that sucker and run on it. So I then went to and found a video on how to tape an arch and I was off. Seriously I ran 3.2 miles yesterday. Today I ran 4, and those 4 miles felt like heaven. Yesterday I could only run about a 1/2 mile then had to stretch or walk. Today I made it 3 miles before I had to stretch my legs and I could take a full on stride. It was blissful. So meet my new best friend:

That is right. A roll of tape is now my new best friend. With tape I can walk without limping, I can dance with Chloe and I can run. Yippeeee! The good news is I am headed to VT to visit my sister this next week so I won't be able to over do the running. So one more week of low mileage and then let the Boston Training commence. I see Hill Repeats in my future :).

Thought you all might be interested to see my feet (well foot, the left foot looks perfect) after 1 1/2 wks. I think they are looking good and only one toenail seems iffy, all the others I think are hanging around for another race.
So Happy Running all! I will try and report from Vermont. Love visiting my sister, hate visiting the cold. That being said there is something awesome about running in the snow so that should be fun.


Daniela Dobson said...

Crazy stuff! That tape looks like our surgical tape! I am glad it's helping. It was great seening you today. We need to catch up when you get back.

Unknown said...

AWESOME news on the crazy mileage while you are here. HAHA...we have our own 3 little "CRAZIES" that we'll be dealing with. We are looking forward to it!

Susan O. Keller said...

Awesome that you found something that helps you. What kind of tape is that?

tara said...

No idea what kind of tape it is. It is just what we had in the medical section of the cabinet and figured I would give it a go. It is working so yay!!

Susan O. Keller said...

LOL! Yay for "mystery tape"!