Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I got an email two days ago. It was from the Boston Athletic Association letting me know there were only 9wks left until Boston. What? Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Really there are only 9 wks left and I can't even walk a 1/2 mile without my foot screaming at me. Oh no. I am guessing running a 100 mile race at 10 wks out was not in the prescribed training plan. Now I have to figure out what to do.
a. Take time off until the foot feels better. I think the foot is more messed up than the knee.
b. Do some minimal workouts to stay in shape but risk keeping these injuries.
Oh boy, this is tough. I think I could run a marathon in 9 wks even if I didn't run a step between now and then but, it would be slow and who wants to run Boston slow? No one. That is the answer. If you qualify for Boston you want to RUN it. Not jog it. I think for this week at least I will take more time off and then reconsider my plan next week. Who knew recovering from the 100 would be so tough? Oh don't answer that it was meant to be rhetorical :).


Daniela Dobson said...

Sorry about your foot. Maybe you need to see a doctor for that tendon or to figure out what is causing the pain.

cathycrisp said...

ok, in your words to me " do not freak out, you can and will do this" maybe a trip to a podiatrist may help with some exercises for the foot?