Sunday, May 29, 2011


Well I had a fun run on Saturday.  By Friday I already had 102 miles for the week and was pretty darn pleased with how my whole body was feeling.  I am not sure if it is the hills around here, that my body is getting better at handling mileage, or something else but it does seem to be getting easier to handle the high mileage.  Oh yah, back to Saturday.  I wanted to just go out and do a few miles and have some fun so, I put on a pair of ZCoiL shoes and had a ball.  I wrote a post in September about the shoes and the owner Al.  Al is an amazing guy and runner.  He has been working with me since that time to get this shoe right for me and boy howdy did these babies work.  Oh man, I had a great time running in them.  I will have to build my miles in them because they aren't at all like my normal neutral running shoes but, boy were they fun.  I had a ball bouncing along.  The downhills were dicey on my first try but after I got the hang of it they were fun.  I am going to start adding these into the arsenal and see if they can help me up my mileage with less stress on the joints.  I will let you know how it goes.  
Race to Cure Diabetes (Virtual 5K) is still on for 24-27 June.  Registration should open on Wednesday this week.  Registration will be paid directly to JDRF.  I will keep an updated list of entrants on the blog so you can see who else is running and make sure you, your family and friends all are entered.  Then starting June 24th you can run/walk your 5K during that 4day window.  Once you are done post your time and I will keep and updated list of finishers.  Completion of the 5K regardless of your time is how you enter the Raffle, you can also gain one extra entry for sending me a picture of your race.  I will have one raffle Saturday the 25th with the Friday finishers, then another raffle Sunday for the Friday and Saturday finishers and so on.  You can see it is better to get your race done early.  Then starting Tuesday I will start a mass raffle of all the prizes remaining.  We have some great gear.  Boy are we lucky.  So far the following companies have offered up gear to raffle off to you.
1. A necklace by Liz Day

And I have emails out to many other companies.  BTW if you know of companies who you think would donate please let me know and I will contact them immediately.  I really think this 5K can be a big success. 

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!  Take a moment and remember those who gave their lives for this awesome country. 


Anonymous said...

Loved the information about Z-CoiL and shoes Al is working on for you. The 5K could be huge and a lot of fun for everyone. Thank you for hard work.

Reyna said...

I cannot wait to hear more on the shoes! They look like they would be comfortable and a nice addition to your shoe posse!

AND...WOOT...the 5K. I am anxiously awaiting for approval from JDRF.

Anonymous said...

A friend passed along your blog and I wanted to let you know that my company is also interested in donating some gear for the raffle.

My facebook page is

Please feel free to email me (Kelley) at

NattyBumpo said...

How goes the planning for the race? I'm waiting with baited breath to get the full skinny.

tara said...

Sorry should be up tomorrow we are waiting on JDRF to finalize our donation page, errrrr, but the blog is all written and ready to post as soon as I have a link for donations/registration fees.