Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Blessing

From the top:  As most of you know a few weeks ago I busted my ankle running on the trails behind my new place in CT.  That was a huge bummer since I have/had a 50 mile race this weekend.  I was up and walking pretty soon after and have been able to put in some good miles on the roads.  The Doc and the PT warned against trails but they both thought I had a shot at running the race.  This week my ankle was still feeling off, it freaks if I step even slightly off balance and, it is tough to get into a squatting position because it is so stiff and well it is still swollen.  All of those things didn't lead me to the logical conclusion that, I shouldn't run the race they led me to the idea of a trial trail run (say that fast three times, no really it is fun).  So on Tuesday I headed out onto the easiest trail ever known to man.  Ok it isn't quite a dirt road but it is one of those groomed trails that they have for the masses.  For the first mile all was going well but I was being super careful and then on what I thought was a level area I somehow rolled the ankle again.  I still have no idea how I rolled it running on an almost level surface, I wasn't jumping, I wasn't going fast, there weren't roots there, nothing, nada, zip...and yet the ankle rolled.  I got off the trail by the nearest exit and headed home on the roads.  When I got home I brainstormed how I could make the race happen.  Could I run with the brace the Doc had given me?  How much skin would I loose doing that?  Could I walk every technical section and run hard on the other areas?  blah blah blah.... I posted on FB about this and some of my good running friends stepped in.  Two ladies I truly respect said "Don't do it."  I knew in my gut I shouldn't do it but I just didn't want to hear it.  When I saw them write it, it clicked, I was out.  This race was for fun there was no reason to permanently injure myself over it.  The Race Director was super nice and allowed me to transfer my entry to one of the other races in the series,  wooot woooot.  So now I get to run in Atlanta in October.

Why is this a blessing you ask?  Well this sort of works out great for me.  I have a dear friend from college who lives there, Doug's brother and his wife live there and my Grandma Joyce lives there.  It is the perfect spot for an ultra.  I get to run and see friends and have babysitters.  Wahooooooooooooooooooo.  I don't know why I even planned on doing the NY race the Atlanta one has so much to offer.  Oh well the NY one was an hour from my house but besides that.  Super excited to head to Atlanta in October. 

I have no plans for doing much trail running for quite some time.  I am going to build my mileage up on the dirt roads around here and then consider trails again in a few months.

Oh one more thing:  I have found a 100 miler I want to do.  Headlands 100 in San Francisco in August.  Wahoooooo!!! It looks awesome and Mama Cathy is there.  She has already signed on to be Crew Chief so now I just need two pacers and I am ready to rock and roll.  Super excited and I think that will set me up for the October race nicely :).

Happy Running All and watch your ankles.


Reyna said...

A Blessing Indeed! Good decision Nut Job. Love you.

Marny said...

Ooooh! When in August? I have ALWAYS wanted to go to SF.