Friday, May 27, 2011

The Marathon Show

Well something cool happened today. Not only did I run 23.6 miles taking my week over 100 with 2 days to spare but I also got to talk to Joe Taricani of the Marathon Show. As you know I love listening to his podcast when I run so, it was an honor for me to get to be on the podcast. I also had the opportunity to get the world out about the Race to Cure Diabetes (Virtual 5K), the dates are now set. June 24-27th. You will be able to register next week once the JDRF donation site for the race is finalized.

A link for the Podcast is below.  Wooot Wooot.

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Anonymous said...

Carl and I listened to the show earlier today, thanks for posting the link. I am working on getting a group ready and I plan to send the page on to our clients. We hope you get over 1,000 walkers/runners for this 5K.
Hugs, Mom