Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fundraising, Socks and Bonking

Oh why not...I will start off with something I have noticed about my socks.  My plan was to start with fundraising but, then the pictures didn't enter the blog that way and they are a pain to move around.  So socks...no, I was not cheating on my Injinji's I was simply trying out another option.  You see at my first ultra two ladies turned me onto the Injinji's and ever since I have been a fan, they do in fact keep the blisters down if not keep that at bay all together.  However, they are not without their faults, they have zero padding.  After I excellently smashed my MH1 (Metatarsal Head 1) to smithereens I have been looking for a sock with a bit of padding.  I decided to try the insanely expensive Drymax sock.  Many of the top Ultra Runners use it and rave about it.  I had wanted to try it for a while but it costs somewhere around $30 for a pair of socks, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Any who I have one pair and have been trying them.  Dang they are awesome at whicking your sweat and keeping you blister free.  But if it is raining cats and dogs leave them at home.  Lately it has been raining nonstop here in CT.  That hasn't stopped me from running but, it has meant for some seriously wet gear and feet.  Last week I tried out my various socks as an experiment.  Hands down the Injinji's were better in the rain.  My feet were darn near dry at the end of the run whereas on the day I wore my Drymax socks my feet were prunes and beginning to hurt.  Lesson here is that both socks rock, they just have their specific place in my arsenal.  

And now...onto fundraising.  In my last post I explained I am looking for a way to earn money and raise awareness for Type 1 Diabetes.  I think the majority of folks thought some sort of virtual 5K would work best for raising money so, that is what I will begin working on.  Someone suggested a $10 entry fee, I think that is totally doable.  I will see what running companies are willing to donate gear and I will raffle that off using a random number generator.  I think I should give a pretty wide time frame.  Does a week sound good?  Do you think there needs to be some sort of award for fastest or should I just stick to the random generator?  I think I can have people donate directly to my JDRF page and that will take care of entry fees.  Donate $10 and you are entered in the race.  I was thinking we need folks to post pictures of them at their "race" but how would I post them here or should I make a FB page for this or something?  I think this is a great way to raise money but to raise awareness I think I am going to go for something like my "Marathon a day for a Month" idea, I just might have to put it off until after my 100 mile race. 

Bridget, Chloe and I at Joe's Walk this year

Chloe, Joe and Bridget before the walk

 And finally Bonking... Oh man was my 19.25 miles tough this AM. First I only took 2 bananas with me, that is clearly not enough but, secondly I think my legs are starting to get a little snippy about this training. I wanted to press through to the end of Chloe's School year with 100 mile weeks but, I might have to take a week off to let my legs and foot rest a bit, booooooooooooooo. No one likes to rest but, it may be a necessity. 

Happy Running All! Will let you know what I figure out about a rest week. Bleck!

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