Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Having Fun

First I have to say I am really loving running again.  Last week I finally got back up over 80 miles and I am hoping for the same this week.  I love when my legs get to a point in training when they just love the miles.  Now onto my real post :):

Last year I was lucky enough to connect with Run Like a Mother (a 5k race for women on Mother's Day).  They needed local runners to train women who wanted to run the 5K.  I met with the runners once or twice a week and absolutely loved the experience.  There is nothing like helping others get their running legs and see how proud they are on race day.  It really is an awesome experience.  I am pretty sure the trainers get more out of it than the new runners.  I liked it so much that I signed up to do it again this year.

 AND then... a group of my friends wanted to get into running.  Yay!!! So I set up a weekly running session for my buddies around the lake.  We have now been meeting once a week for 3 months and it is so much fun.  These weekly sessions have really helped me get my mojo back.  I think I needed to turn my running energy elsewhere and this training others has really helped me.

So if you are having trouble finding your mojo I recommend turning your running energy elsewhere. A new experience can be just what you need.

Happy Running!


Amanda@runninghood said...

Running over 80 miles and loving running right now means you're in a good place! Yay! This is awesome that you were part of this 5k training group..they are lucky to have you! something definitely energizing about helping others achieve their goals. Loved reading this.

http://best-essays.co.uk/ said...

That is great experience! I would really like my friends to join me for running. It would much much easier to go for running and do not give up.