Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Crossfit Round 2

A little over a year ago...

Wait a second...maybe I should address my absence from the blog?  There is no good excuse.  I just sort of lost my drive after Heartland but since then I have done the Goofy (a 1/2 and full marathon back to back) and have continued running I just haven't been putting in my normal miles.

So, a little over a year ago I tried Crossfit.  I really did enjoy the intensity of the workouts but, I just got too many injuries, too fast, to stick with it.  Since then, I have been missing the workouts and the hardcore nature of the box (crossfit gym).  Well, I found a solution.  A new box.  A different set of coaches.  A different way of doing things.  While I liked the other box it was a bad fit for me, they were really into competing.  My intention was always to use crossfit as a means to cross train.  I am now at a box that is really into proper technique, has scaled work outs posted (love that) and has some intense warm up sessions.  I think I have found a great fit for me.  There is a lesson to be learned here.  I think I thought all box's would be the same but they aren't. You might have to look around a bit to find one that works for you. 

I have only been back for 3 sessions but I am so excited.  This also gives me a little break from running and right now I desperately need a little break.  I have lost a little bit of drive for miles. I think shaking it up a little will really help me.  I can't shake it up too much because I have a ridiculous racing schedule coming up but, well... it is what it is.  I will run what I can and enjoy some intense cross training and let the cards fall where they may.  If this year is a bust for ultras then I have to be ok with that. I have been keeping my mileage between 50-70 per week which isn't bad but certainly isn't enough.   I will be back training like a maniac soon I am sure but for now, those 30 milers back to back to back are sidelined.

Happy Running All


Milady said...


I have a question about your blog, could you please email me? Thanks!!

Melanie said...

Do not give up at the end! You've did a good start so keep up it!