Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It is Racing Week

This year I decided for my 100 I would head back to Heartland.  Why?  For a couple of reasons: 1. Tracey lives close and she is an amazing crew chief so that means no worries for me while running 2. It was the only place that I have truly enjoyed a 100 miler (they have all hurt but this one I felt free and like I was flying for the majority of it)  3. I don't feel like I did my best last time, I know I can do better.

 Training for 100's is hard for me.  I am always trying to squeeze in runs here and there and sometimes I am not sure if my training is on track because my runs are all over the place.  One year I might be able to string together 30 miles day after day and, the next year it just doesn't work out that way.  That being said I was able to hit over 100 miles a week for a couple of weeks at the end of this training so, I think I am in a good spot but who knows. Really...who knows??? It is so hard to train for 100.  I feel like I am shooting in  the dark and hoping for the best. But I LOVE it!! Love the battle of 100 miles, the challenge, there is literally nothing like it. 

  I keep wondering if the difference between me and a better runner is all mental.  If I just ran harder and chose to go into my pain cave and hunker down if I could do even better.  Is that what the guys that are breaking 20hrs doing?  Are they enduring the pain for longer or are they better runners or did they train better?  Maybe it is a little of all three.  There is only one of those I can work on at this point in the game and it is the pain so here is the plan...Last time I ran a 21:39 which is a 13mm pace, in April I ran a 9:30mm pace at my 50miler, I want to break 20 hrs so that involves running faster than a 12mm pace.  So...I go out at a 10mm and hold on for as long as possible, I try and make crew stops as quick as possible.  I run hard for as long as possible and most of all when I hit that wall at mile 80-95 I DO NOT, DO NOT let myself walk for more than a few minutes at a stretch, I force my legs to keep running.  I CAN DO BETTER!!! I know I can.  It is time to put on my big girl pants and see what I am made of.  Fingers crossed this goes well.

Happy Running


SportyMomme said...

Regardless of time, you are awe~inspiring for going out there and getting to it! Good luck, and I'd say "break a leg" but seriously, this is so far off Broadway so instead - Kick ass UlTara! I'll be rooting for you :)

Kim said...

Best of luck on your 100!! I would love to do one someday! I hope your mental training helps you push through those last tough miles!!! Can't wait to see how you finished.