Monday, September 24, 2012

Thoughts while Mowing

Heartland is only 3wks away.  I am getting excited and nervous.  I am super psyched about the group of ladies coming out to help me.  Should be a ton of fun. 

Doug recently had hand surgery so that means that mowing is my job for now.  The lower lot is nuts.  It isn't level, it gets super water logged and the grass is crazy so, mowing it is always a chore but, this time it had gone for a month or more without being mowed.  I should also add that our lawn mower is a pathetic piece of machinery.  It runs inconsistent at best.  So mowing the lower lot is a challenge.  If I go too fast the mower stalls, when I hit a patch of uneven earth I have to run at the mower full force to get it to move, when I hit a patch of thick grass I have to do some sort of back and forth maneuver.  Needless to say it is probably quite entertaining to watch me struggle for an hr on this little plot of land but, you all know me, I got it done. 

As I was mowing, I was frustrated, by the mower, the land, the grass, etc...  Then it struck me.  This mowing was just like an ultra.  If I went too fast I blew up the mower.  It was just like 100 miles.  100 miles take patience, it takes an attitude of flexibility, it takes a belief in oneself.  This little plot of land reminded me of just what the race will take and that if I believe in myself anything is possible.

Love a good life lesson.  It took me 2hrs to get all of the yards mowed, ughhhhhh!!! But hey if anyone is interested in what the yard can teach you please come on by and I will set you up with a yard and a supremely crappy mower :). 

Happy Running All


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That is really good story! Thank you so much for sharing.