Friday, November 4, 2011

New Training Plan

Yesterday I posted I am toying with a new training idea.  The plan isn't solid yet but, it is close enough and already in action.  I am doing an experiment that hopefully won't hose up the next ultra season.  I love running there is no doubt about that.  I love long races, I love love love a race that cuts you to your core and makes you question everything and then that awesome feeling of climbing out of that pain cave and finishing the race.  100 miles hurts, there is no way around that.  But, maybe I can train different, eehhhhhhh, goes against my whole "you have to run to be a better runner" saying but, maybe just maybe I could use some cross training :).  Ok for sure I could use some cross training, my core is ridiculously week, my arms are useless sticks and that leaves me with over sized legs and glutes.  So, I could definately use some cross training but, how far do I take this cross training?  That is the question right?

Da da da...and here comes my adventures in Crossfit Training.  I have only been at it for a little over a month but dang I am already feeling stronger.  I can already more easily bound up hills.  The classes are downright humiliating some days, humbling others and kick ass every day.  I pretty much suck at the workouts and have to scale them down to weights I can actually lift while the little 100lb girl next to me whips the prescribed weight around like it is a paper sack.  Nahhhh, that isn't embarrassing at all.  I have to keep in mind that I am competeing with myself and that I haven't lifted in over 20yrs.  At the end of the workouts I always feel like my heart is going to pop.  The Heart Popping is what made me think the new plan could work.

What if...I cut down mileage and include Heart Popping crosstraining?  The experiment is to decrease mileage to 30-50 miles a week and add in crossfit.  I plan to sign up for a 50 miler in March.  That will be my measuring stick.  If I can run around a 9hr, 50 miler then the crossfit is working, if it is a struggle then I will go back to more running and less crosstraining (I won't cut it out all together but it will have to decrease a ton to make time for running).  I am not sure you can really train for 100 miles running only 50 miles a week, that sounds nuts but the CF people swear by it.  I guess there is only one way to find out and it seems like a fun experiment.  If nothing else maybe they can make my arms strong enough that I can run on my hands when my legs get tired, lol. 

I have met some awesome people at Crossfit.  One of them is a triathalete.  I feel like she really gets where I am at and the whole ultra running thing.  Laura is helping me figure out how to use CF to supplement/replace some of my running.  I love having someone to bounce this plan off of.  I will keep you posted on how us old ladies do with this whole Crossfit thing.


Unknown said...

this is so fun. We'll run (bike and swim) into uncharted territory together!

Anonymous said...

you are both amazing! happy to have you in my life cuz, i love pushing the weight around, hate running!mostly cuz, i feel weak at it!