Friday, December 25, 2009

All Compressed

So a few months ago a friend of mine; Heather was trying out some compression socks and after one use she was sold. I was talking to her after her marathon and she was raving about how awesome they were so, I looked up Compression socks and found a pair. I chose hot pink because I thought they were cute :). Mine weren't the same brand as Heathers I had to go with a cheaper version but we thought they would do the same thing. Guess what folks: THEY DO. They rock. My socks are: Recove Socks and they are amazing. I put them on after a 30 mile run and the next day I can't even tell I ran. Absolutely no muscle soreness. I have no idea how that is possible. Ok Heather tried to explain it like a trillion times but, still not sure on the exact science of it all but, I can tell you they are amazing. I hadn't used them for running because I only had one pair that is until Christmas (we celebrated early here). Now that I have a few pairs (thank you Mom and Santa) I have been able to try them out for running, they are wonderful. Oh and here is an odd side note: my left leg is usually 1in in circumference smaller than my right, meaning my calf and quad are smaller but somehow since I have increased my mileage and started using the socks they have balanced out and are now within 1/4 inch of each other and for the first time in forever my calves aren't all knotted up all the time. Folks, you have to try out a pair of compression socks don't think the brand matters so find yourself a good sale and get a pair, they are amazing.

Edit: I found out more info on the sock and well I may have been incorrect when I said the brand didn't matter.  See below this is directly from Recovery Sock. 
Technical Features

A few of the functional components The Recovery Sock® offers include:

Graduated Compression Technology (GCT)

Unlike other compression socks, The Recovery Sock® utilizes a Patented GCT ( Patent # 6,092,397). GCT means tighter compression in the foot and ankle area and a gradual decrease in compression as it travels up the leg over the calf. GCT causes an upward flow of blood helping to get un-oxygenated blood out of the leg, replacing it with fresh oxygenated blood. This is not only speeds recovery after workouts, hence The Recovery Sock®, but also enhances workout and race performance. Athletes in long distance competitions, especially marathons, have found them particularly beneficial.


HEATHER @ runfastermommy! said...

all hail the recovery socks!!! I'm glad you love them too!

tara said...

Seriously they are amazing but, not sure I would have believed how amazing if I hadn't tried them. I now have 3 pairs between Santa, my mom and the orginal purchase so I can wear them all week and not worry how dirty they get, yay! I think it must have grossed my mom out that I wore the same pair after each long run and only washed them every week to week and a half. :)

Daniela said...

Wow, didn't know about those. I will have to tell my other friend Dayna.