Saturday, April 28, 2012

Virtual 5K - Let the Running Begin

You can register or add miles to your total until April 29th at midnight.
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Well it is here.  Let the racing begin. If you are registered you have today and tomorrow to complete your run.  I will begin a mass raffling on Monday after the person with the most people entered and most miles pick their prizes.  So far Kristi and Seth are in the lead.  Seth is signed up to run 40K (nice mileage) and Kristi has more than 7 folks entered (I say more than because her total jumped so I am guessing she got more folks to sign up yesterday).  If you want to pick your prize you will need to run more than a 40K or get a big group to sign up.  Remember it is only $15 to register and you could have fun with it.  Get your neighborhood to move or a group of friends.  Or heck sign up for a 50 mile race this weekend :).  There are some awesome prizes (a handful shown below).  Report times and/or that your finished here, or on FB or email to

Once Prize you should keep in mind if you need incentive is DaDiva's.  She will take your race shirts and turn them into a quilt.  That is a huge prize worth around $500.  Super cool from a super cool lady.  Thanks Denise.

Beautiful Pottery by Lorraine Bracher (she donates all proceeds to her pottery to Wounded Warrior Project and USO & Soldier Angels in remembrance of her son Scott Bracher)

Super cool HeadSweats Hat

Awesome tile necklace by Liz Day (who is running a 10K for us, that is a big deal, so proud of you Liz)

An "I Love to Run" necklace by Liz Day

Todd and More prize package (the whole thing goes to one winner)

Yes Cindy made all of these for us.  Cindy you ROCK!!!!!


Tracey Kite said...

Ran this morning with my girls and my doggie. Thanks again Tara for putting this all together and all the work you put into it. A great cause for sure!

christinerockey said...

Ran 3 miles before my 10k. Double backed and helped Trey finish and then doubled back and finished with dh. Ran the fun run with Mallory. Great running day!

Amanda said...

Did mine this morning, 5K in 31 minutes (that's a good for me!) Happy running everyone!

Boy Mom of 2 said...

It was an awesome day for a JDRF run!! Got out there and got my longest run so far 12 miles!!!! Wahooo!!!!