Thursday, April 7, 2011

Busted and WOD

So I busted my ankle.  By busted I mean sprained.  Did it weeks ago on the trails.  Took me almost a week to head to the doc.. He was a good guy, gave me a brace, said not to run for a few more weeks and that I could walk as much as I wanted.  Hummmmm... by walk as much as I wanted did he mean continue training?  I am sure that is what he meant.  And so I have hit the Treadmill with force.  I have 40 miles in this week (done in 3 days) and plan to snag some more miles tonight.  The Doc and the PT said I could go for the race but, that I would have to wear the brace, I am guessing that is going to hurt just about as much as my quads do after no running for a month and then treking up and down a mountain.  Oh well, it is all in the name of sanity.  At this point I just want to finish the race.  Wait...race??? Oh yes I forgot after my last post I signed up for a race, a 50 miler, first week of April, went out for my first "training run" and busted my ankle.  Dang I am good.  So there you have it.  I am now determined to do a race that I didn't even know about a few weeks ago.  I am really hoping that I am in good enough shape to pull off a 50 mile race but, I don't know.  I am guessing 50 with this little of training is going to feel like 100 with a ton of training, and well...that later hurts like the dickens (I was going to curse here but didn't want Mama Cathy on my case). 

Another crazy thing I am doing is: Mobility WOD.  Doug read about this nut job in Competitor Magazine.  This PT (Physical Thereapist) who does Cross Fit and other stuff and positively insane about his stretching.  As most of you know I pretty much don't do it, don't stretch, don't like it, don't do it but, Doug sold me on the fact some ultra runners had said after they saw this PT they had zero injuries and were bounding out of bed in the morning like they were teenagers.  They no longer did the ultrarunner shuffle, hummm...... So Doug proceeds to sell me on KStar (the PT nut job who does Mobility WOD) and shows me the first workout/stretch/whatever...The guy wants you to do one insane stretch for 10 minutes each day and slowly get yourself back in alignment.  I think he is on like day 214 or something, he is commited to putting up a video with a stretch, everyday for a year.  You start at day one and then go all the way to 365.  So for 10 minutes each day Doug and I have been torturing ourselves with this stretching but it is AMAZING!  Oh man am I loosening up.  My hips have never been this loose and while I thought I might pop a quad the other day they too now feel awesome.  So if you are interested in stretching check out this guy.  Oh and his site is free and he is hysterical.  Now go find your goat and stay out of the pain cave! I should say Day 1 lulled me into thinking this might be easy but Day 2 kicked my you know what. 
Mobility WOD


Anonymous said...

Only you and your love of running. XOXO Mom

Reyna said...

Ahhhh this stretching guy sounds cool! are a nut. Are you going to run the race with the brace on?! CrAzY Pants!!!

Anonymous said...

sweet WOD, dude. yeah. ten minutes of squatting, here i come! that guy seems awesome.

Nursing Stroller-Pushing Marathoner said...

I'm intrigued with this stretching thing. Do I hear a running moms stretch CD challenge coming along? ;-)