Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! We are having a group competition that involves dressing up and running a 5k in my Running Moms Group hence the awesome attire.  Yes, poor Doug had to go running with me to take the photo.  Got to wonder what a husband thinks when his wife not only begs him to go running but then shows up in this outfit for the run, poor guy, lol!!!

I have to say that my Running Mom Group has made a huge difference in my running/life.  It is an online group that I found when Chloe was 4mnths old.  I was searching for an answer on how old a  baby had to be to go in a jogging stroller and how long you could leave them in there.  I stumbled upon this awesome group of ladies who not only answered my questions but pushed me onwards.  They have been the back bone of my running ever since. 

I had a dream...
When I was in Junior HS and living in Colorado I read about this crazy race called the Leadville 100.  People ran 100 miles, through the night, delirious, focused on one goal...I was in love but, I never thought I would do it.  I don't know why I didn't think I would run 100 miles, I am definitely a super driven person.  I completely believe that any person can achieve any goal with hard work, determination and perseverance.  But, it just never really occured to me to do something this crazy myself. Throughout the years I forgot about the race and then I met my Running Mamas.  Someone was asking about ultra marathons, I looked up what an ultra marathon was and BANG!!!!! I was sold hook line and sinker.  Signed up for a 50 miler and ran that just over a year after Chloe was born.  That race was so dang hard.  Yowsa!!!! Toenails came off, legs hurt for well over a week, and I had blisters all over my feet, basically I was trashed.  I didn't run for over a month afterwards.  I slowly began running again and then of course the Running Moms struck again, I blame this entirely on Cathy (MC to the troops), she brought up Rocky Raccoon one night, it was a 100 miler in Texas (not far from where I lived).  I signed up the next day.  This time I sent out a message to my Running Mamas and asked if anyone could come help me through my first 100 mile race.  I was floored when multiple Mamas signed up to come help me out.  They had never met me except online and still 4 of them came together to pull me through the race.  They have done the same for all of my ultras to date.  I guess the whole point of this post is to say: THANK YOU!!! To the wonderful ladies that make up Running Moms.  You ladies are just amazing. 

And of course that means I had to do a running dance for you...I was singing: I am a Leprechaun and I don't care, I will run in my underwear.... But I think only a blip of that came out and I almost bit it landing in a slippery spot of mud, bahahahaha.  Love you ladies.  Have a good laugh!

Happy Running.
P.S. The video is sideways but thought asking Doug to redo the video was pushing my luck (and I am not Irish, lol).


Anonymous said...

Great post, dancing and singing. XOXO Mom

cathycrisp said...

omg, you crack me up!!! this just made my day!!!!!!

Reyna said...

DEAR GOD...and you think I am weird?! Love you and Happy St. Patty's Day!!!!

ann said...

love the outfit!

Anonymous said...

You win! No one can compete with this!


Marny said...

Holy Hell. HOW did I miss THAT?!
Also, those trails look SO FUN! I'm coming over for a run.