Monday, August 23, 2010

Ugly Feet

Here we are a little over a month out from LR and my feet are still not quite right.  First my hands shed all of their skin, then the lower half of my legs and now my feet.  I am guessing it must have something to do with the intense heat and the swelling but honestly I don't know and at this point am just annoyed.  My left foot seems to still ache which is kind of a bummer but, if that is the only injury from that race I think I came out on top. 
So how is training going?  Well I finally got around to making a training plan for Heartland.  I mean it is like 7weeks away so this seemed like a great time to make a plan, lol.  I was really figuring out how many more weeks I could hit it hard for before I needed to taper.  I figured I could take one week light and the rest would have to be really hard before my taper.  The plan had me taking this week light but alas I tweaked a muscle last week and decided that was my sign to chill out.  So this week I must see what these legs are made of.  I am not sure if I can hit 100 miles but I plan to go out fighting :).  Lets see if I can kick my own a$$ and get in those miles.  I think we will take bets in a few weeks on the number of miles I can get in a week.  Now that could be fun.  So get your thinking caps on.  I will post next week.  I don't have a prize in mind but the winner could get some Aquaphor. 

Happy Running Everyone. 

Oh whoops forgot some super exciting news....Cindy from last weeks post, my weekly Tuesday running buddy is signing up for her first marathon.  I get to run it with her.  Woooot wooooot.  She is running the White Rock in December.  I am so excited I am bubbling.  I just love running first marathons with people.  Yipppeee.  Now of course I have a reason to bust out my now famous Chariots of Fire ballet once again.  Ahhhh Yahhhhh.  Watch out Dallas. You have been warned.


Anonymous said...

I will just continue to pray for your body, legs and feet. I trust you know what you are doing and what your body will do. If you want 100, then I beleive you will run 100 this week, you are a very strong woman. XOXO

JenniferLeah said...

...let the miles begin. I will put some thought into just how many you will do~
Enjoy the "chill" and hope you are feeling 100% very very soon.
Congrats to Cindy and her first Marathon!!

Reyna said...

DUdE and you are ripping on me for my miniscule BLISTERS!!! LOL

Good luck with the training this week. I'll be putting in some thought on the mileage as well. Or is family even eligible?

Bethany said...

Mmmm yum. Lol...

Anonymous said...

Looks painful. Do hope it isn't and that it heals quickly.