Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Taper Week

Oh where to begin??? Last week was my first of three taper weeks.  It was hard to taper.  I actually like the time off but, somehow I always find myself running much faster because all the runs are shorter and I think that really defeats the point of the taper.  I did a race on Saturday with my buddy Cindy.  Doesn't she look peppy.  She is like that all the time.  I am telling you, I have never in my life seen a game of hopscotch look so graceful and fun as when I saw her demonstrate for the kids how to play.  Ok back to the Race.  It was only a 5K and well I sort of hard my heart on running a fast time but alas, my legs felt like cement.  It was kind of a bummer.  I won for my age group (see cool eagles head trophy below) and did ok over all but it wasn't the time I was hoping for.  I guess if I really want to do well at 5K's I should train for them and not ultras, lol.  Duhhhhhhhh. 

So onto the race at hand.  Phili.  The countdown is on.  Can you believe in a week I will be headed to my sisters house in VT?  I can't.  I don't feel nervous yet, although I do have multiple lists going and a bin of things to pack.  Which reminds me, need to remember to steal Doug's Garmin when he gets home.  Oh and charge my ipod.  So like I said, totally not nervous, lol.  I feel like training went well for this one but, sometimes the unknown is scary.  And sometimes what you know about a race is scary too.  For instance I know this is going to hurt like nobodies business.  I can still feel how bad the last few miles of Rocky hurt, the gut wrenching pain I felt  taking a step down even the slightest hill.  I can still remember wondering why so many people were talking in the woods and realizing it was me wheezing.  I can still remember being bone tired.  And so you are wondering why am I doing this race?  I love to push myself, I am super excited to prove I can do better.  I know I can crack 100 miles in 24hrs but it is going to hurt.  Scott Jurek's  in his Race Report from the 24hr World Championships quotes another ultra runner;  James Shapiro as saying this of 24hr racing “seemed like the perfect tool to pry me open and see what I am made of.”  Now that is what I am talking about.  I think it is time to get out the crow bars and see what I am made of.  I am super excited.  I have a few awesome RunningMoms going with me to help pace and crew for me.  I will see if I can get pictures of them and introduce them this next week.  One is a repeat offender, lol.  Thanks to Bethany for coming back for round two of my craziness. Ok off to make lists and get work done.  Happy Running All!

p.s. I have been reading a lot of running blogs lately and it strikes me that many ultra athletes write really well.  So I want to say that I will work on writing better for all of you but, I can't say it because honestly when push comes to shove I would rather be running or playing with Chloe and it doesn't come naturally to me.  Thank you for reading my blog and my apologies for the trillion  grammatical (spell check just caught that I spelled grammatical wrong, lol) ooopsies.


Anonymous said...

I think you are doing great with all of the balls you are keeping up in the air, super Mom, super Step Mom, selling a house, cooking all of the meals, taking care of Chloe, training, working and oh and being a wife, YES you are a super star. I am sure I have left many things out, I'm sorry. XOXO Mom

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