Saturday, May 8, 2010

Recap of the Week

If you see this nut case running down your street in the middle of the day, Don't hit her :).  I had to post this picture.  Come on I look like a total freak and, yes this is how I run around my neighborhood, oh and all the neighborhoods within a 30 mile radius.  For some reason while I was running a long run the other day I was completely cracked up by imagining what the drivers were thinking when they saw me dart across the road.  I looked obsurd and I was running in 90 degree weather in the middle of the day.  LOL.  Oh and the compression sleeves on my calves, rock!!!!! My mom gave them to me for my B-day.  I really like the support they give.  I will be using them during the 24hr race for sure.
Anyhow here is a recap of the week.
1.  Tried Perpetuem by Hammer again and basically that stuff wripped a hole in my gut.  Dang all of my Perpetuem runs have sucked so, I am done, I am giving up on this as my fuel source.

2.  Cindy a good budy of mine who also happens to be a runner/triathelete and a nutrition freak came up with an awesome concotion for me to drink on my runs.  She juiced grapes (high carb, low fiber), ginger (to calm the tummy) and then added in honey (more carbs) and greek yoguart (the protien).  It worked great.  I am going to try it again and see how it goes.  We haven't worked out the kinks on how to use it on long runs or races.  By the end of my 20 miler it was beginning to get some funk.  But I was thinking might be able to make it and just take a cup or so of it during the middle of the night and keep the rest in an ice chest.  We will see.  Like I said kinks aren't worked out yet but, dang it tasted yummy and didn't upset my stomach.

3. This is the last week in my 3wks on.  I run 3wks hard then do a recovery week.  I find that gives my legs time to heal up before hammering them again.  So this week being my last in the cycle needed to be super hard.  I wanted to really test my legs, work on training them to run when super tired, work on running mentally when fatigued and to work on nutrition.  This week was 3x30miles.  I did three 30 mile days in a row.  The runs had their ups and downs but, dang I have to say my legs feel pretty darn great today so, I think training is going well.  It is nuts to me how hard it is to finish up that last 30 miles and then have my legs feel fine the very next day.  Makes me wonder if I should have pushed harder?  Hopefully our schedule allows for some 40 mile runs in the coming weeks but, if not I will do the best with the time I have.  And no, I have not come to the point where I will run 40 miles on the TM at night, that is beyond even my craziness.

4. I am now a member of Team Aquaphor.  Wooo hooo.

5. Decided in honor of Mother's Day, Chloe and I needed to do a 5K. 
We ran the Mom Run this morning and boy was it a blast.  First of all, they had bounce houses set up for the kids.  Chloe spent her prerace time bouncing to her hearts delight.  They were giving out prizes for decorated strollers, so we put some pinwheels on ours and some crape paper.  The streamers coming of the back were awesome during the race.  I somehow neglected to get a pic of Chloe, I and the stroller but I bet the race photographers didn't so I will post one later on in the week.  The course was nuts.  They had us start with a ton of turns and then to a single track, with all of the jogging strollers this created quite a chaotic first mile.  Chloe and I off roaded it as much as we could passing folks, we yelled "on your right" and "on your left" we just plane did our best to get by people without causing trouble.  The first mile being so stop and go really messed with my legs.  They were a little tired from the 90 miles I had already run this week.  In the end we ran a 24:30 (or somewhere close to that, I forgot to stop my Garmin so that is based on the finish line clock).  We earned second place in our age group and best of all we won $50 towards a pair of running shoes.  Dude, that more than pays for the race.  Waaaaa Hoooooo!  Best part of all, I got to run with my Chloe on Mother's Day weekend. 

6.  Almost forgot: Ice Baths, are amazing.  I am now trying to take an ice bath after all my long runs.  They make it so I almost have zero soreness.  As much as I hate the cold, I love my ice baths. 

Had a great week of training.  Will wrap it up with a 10 miler or so tomorrow and then recover, recover, recover.  Happy Running all. 

p.s. Next weekend is the World 24hr Championships.  I am so excited to see the results of that.


Marny said...

A) I think you look fine. I guess that makes me a weirdo as well ;)
B) Cindy's drink sounds delicious! Good call on the ginger!
C) Chloe is sooooo cute! so is the stroller!
D) I am CRACKING UP picturing you and Chloe darting past people on the singletrack. You should have told those people you were passing that you were only passing because your legs were "a little tired" from the 90 miles you'd already run that week and the stop and go was messing with them. Would have loved to see the looks on those faces!

Reyna said...

LOVE the outfit!!! more comments on ANY of my get-ups! Awesome on Team Aquaphor, the concoction that Cindy came up with, and your Mother's Day run with Chloe...I too think it is funny that you were darting past the people b/c you already put in so much mileage that your legs couldn't take the stop-n-go of the race.

You are one amazing person sis...and one hell-uv-a mother. PROUD.OF.YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Tara and Chloe, you did great. Your attire looks realy good compaired to what some people wear to the malls,LOL I hope this new drink works out for you. I loved the stroller. Congrats on the 2nd place.


Anna said...

oh i think cindy has something going on there...she could totally sell that as her brand of running fuel. it sounds delicous!

HEATHER @ runfastermommy! said...

IT'S ABOUT TIME you got in the ice bath!! :)

Tracey Kite said...

I think look fine in the picture too. And Chloe and the stroller are too cute. Great job on the race. And I wonder if you used an insulated bottle with ice in it if that would help keep Cindys concoction good longer (just a thought).

jill said...

i think the get-up is cute, i think you rock for being on Team aquaphor, i think you are ridiculously amazing for running 90 miles in 3 days, then doing a 5k and passing all those others. and i'm so happy that you are finding a fuel source that works for you (and sounds like a delicious smoothie any time of day). woohoo!

cathycrisp said...

i adore the outfit!!! i think you look downright stunning!! and chloe and the stroller!!! waaaaay cute!!!! love it!!! i seriously think you could start a trend with the get-up you have on!! it rocks!!!